1. Signup on websrvr

You can signup for websrv by clicking on the Start your free trial.. button on http://www.websrvr.in/ This will ask you to give websrvr access to a new folder ‘websrvr’ created in Dropbox > Apps (this does not give websrvr access to your other files/folders in Dropbox).

2. Edit the awesomexx site

As soon as you signup, we create a demo site in your Dropbox, you can view it at awesomexx.websrvr.in where xxx is an number which should be visible in your websrvr home page.

3. Create new websites

If you want to create more websites, you can just create folders in your Dropbox > Apps > websrvr folder and they’ll be online at http://foldername.websrvr.in

4. Wireup a subdomain

Once the site is ready you can optionally put it on a CNAME. e.g. if you own the domain foobar.com and want to put the website testawesome.websrvr.in on www.foobar.com. All you need to do is create a CNAME called www and point it to testawesome.websrvr.in. CNAME www.foobar.com => testawesome.websrvr.in

5. Wireup a naked domain

If you want to use the naked domain instead of a subdomain or cname, you can point it to the IP e.g. If I wanted to setup a website at awesome.com, I would do the following:

  1. Setup the domain awesome.com to point to
  2. Change the domain in the websrvr control panel to awesome.com

That’s all, now you have a high performance website whose css, javascript and html are minified and gzipped to give your users a fast website.